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Our Christmas Collection concert

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2015-12-05 15.52.35

What a great way to sing out the year. It was a warm evening but that didn’t stop us having our biggest audience ever. We sang out to a full house; a sea of bright warm colours and smiling faces.

Cloud 9’s concert Christmas Collection 2015 was held this weekend and I think it is a signal of our growing maturity as choir and the marvelous direction that we have from Music Director, Gloria, that we went in well prepared and relaxed. It showed in our singing and was reflected back by our audience afterwards with comments such as “best concert you have ever done”, “the choir is getting better and better”.

This time we did 3 pieces in “forest formation”, that is we moved out from our rows and spread out in amongst the audience. We sang from memory and had a number of comments about what a beautiful sound we made when we mixed the voice parts round the room. We had fun doing the body percussion to Sylvie although some of us (including me) didn’t quite manage the coordination and clapped when we should have stomped and vice versa. However, it was great fun and I am in awe of the 8 members of the choir who started us off and kept the body percussion going throughout!!

Many thanks again to Gloria, our wonderful Accompanist, Annabelle, and also to guest Paul Williams aka Professor Klum who with Annabelle kept us entertained with things I didn’t know you could do musically with a clarinet! Thanks also to everyone who works behind the scenes to make our concerts happen, including sound recordists Max and Walter, and Margaret and Kevin who managed the tickets for us again this year.

JS, Cloud9 member

2015-12-05 15.53.31 2015-12-05 15.52.20


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