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A year of adventure for Cloud9

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What a wonderful beginning Cloud9 has had to 2016, a year in which we will celebrate our 4th birthday! It’s also the Chinese Year of the Monkey, who is not only considered wise, but also adventurous.

Under the ever-inspiring leadership of our Music Director, Gloria Gamboz, we have begun singing our new repertoire exploring themes of adventure and travel on both land and sea.

There has been much joking about whether we need a few sailors’ costumes for our next performance and Gloria has decided the time has come for her first-ever foray into conducting Gilbert and Sullivan!

The atmosphere at our rehearsals has been joyous and vibrant. We are all thrilled to be singing together again and know this year we will again develop our musical knowledge and performance to a new level.

We are also delighted to have welcomed a good number of new members to our choir. We are always keen to welcome new members – please contact us via our “How to Join” page and come to a rehearsal to see if we are the sort of choir you are looking for.

Cloud9 is also always on the look-out for new performance opportunities. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss an opportunity with us.

For now it’s full steam ahead to a year of friendship, fun and glorious song!

JM, Cloud9 member

15820902063_e5c7ff27f2_kImage: Andi Campbell-Jones via Flickr


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