Cloud9 Women's Choir

Coming together to share the joy of singing

Bring on 2022!

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We are so looking forward to another year of great singing, fun and friendship with the talented and enthusiastic support of our music director, Kerry and accompanist, Sam. 

One thing with Covid is that we never know what’s going to come next, but I like the analogy of “dancing on a shifting carpet”. That’s what we did last year and what we will continue to do this year. The last two years have not stopped us singing – even if it has been mostly remotely – and that has made the times when we have been able to get together all the sweeter. 

As well as our scheduled rehearsals on Thursday evenings and hopefully some live performances, 2022 will be an exceptional year for Cloud9. Later in the year, we will celebrate the 10 years that Cloud 9 choristers have been singing together. We’ll be celebrating the beautiful music we have sung over that time and acknowledging the contribution that each of our Music Directors has made to the choir we have become.

A warm welcome back for existing and new Cloud 9 choristers. And a warm welcome waits for anyone thinking of joining us. Just send us an email and we will be in touch.


Choir member and Committee Chair 2022

Masks or no masks, we just love singing together!


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