Cloud9 Women's Choir

Coming together to share the joy of singing


Welcome to the Cloud9 Women’s Choir website

Cloud9 is a women’s choir based in Melbourne, Australia, whose members come together to share the joy of singing and the development of musical excellence.

We rehearse every Thursday and sing a range of musical styles from classical and romantic to gospel and folk from around the world; both accompanied and a cappella. We add to our repertoire regularly and look for pieces that suit the very special sound that a women’s choir makes.

We regularly collaborate with guest soloists and other community music groups such as the Zelman Symphony to enhance and extend our music experience.

We always welcome enquiries from potential new members. Please email us at or contact us via our How to Join page.

Check out our Blog page for our latest news and events.

All of our outdoor photos were taken by the wonderful My Little Tribe Photography.


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