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Ending the year on a high note!

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The end of the year is such a busy time; school exams and report writing, that pre-holiday winding up at work before you can wind down, parties and celebrations, and that whole thing around planning for the Christmas holidays. And on top of that there are the end of year concerts!

I really look forward to Cloud9’s end of year concert. We work hard to be ready at this hectic time but it doesn’t feel like work and I find it intensely satisfying. This concert always seems to have a particularly relaxed and happy atmosphere. Holding it at 5.30 in the evening means we get a few little ones coming with our families along with our regular audience members.

Rather than choosing a theme for the title of this year’s concert we have called it the Cloud9 Christmas Collection 2015. It will be a loose mix of pieces that our wonderful Music Director, Gloria, thinks will suit our voices and that our audience will really enjoy.

Yes, there will be a Christmas carol or two but we are also breaking out with a couple of show tunes, some gospel songs, some traditional pieces and a gorgeous new work (new for us that is) by renowned contemporary choral composer, Eric Whitacre.

Be ready for a surprise though, the Cloud9 gets physical this year; watch out for our newly acquired and hard won skills!

JS, Cloud9 member


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