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The Wiggs Award!

Jenny Brown had the pleasure of presenting the Wiggs Award just before our performance on Saturday night.

Here’s what Jenny had to say:

As Janice is away, (she’s probably just landed in Vancouver), it will be my pleasure to present the Wiggs Award.

As you know, the Wiggs Award is presented twice a year in honour of our patron Leigh Wigglesworth OAM who was the founder and Music Director,  for more than ten years, of Elation Women’s Choir, from which Cloud9 developed.

The Wiggs award is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to the spirit of Cloud9.

The recipient of the Wiggs award for this semester is Elly Johnson!


Elly and Jenny cropped

Elly is a relatively new member of Cloud9, but she certainly has made her mark.

 She not only has a lovely voice, but she is brave and determined, given that she does not read music.

She has charmed us with her smiling, cheerful presence.

And astonished us with her willingness to participate, even when dobbed in for a solo!

She brought even more colour and movement to our photo-shoot in the park by arriving on her wonderful bike.

 And finally, Elly can bring a smile to everyone, even when she is having a bad hair day.

 Congratulations to Elly from all of us!!

And thanks, as always, to My Little Tribe Photography for all our wonderful images.

my little tribe photography


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What sweeter music it was

Cloud9 is back and rehearsing towards our first concert in 2014. Our last concert of 2013, “What Sweeter Music” was a great success with over one hundred people attending!

Thanks to our wonderful piano accompanist Emily Chow who also performed a beautiful solo piece on the night. We would also like to thank Naomi Johnson,  Sarah Fitchett and Michael MacManus who performed on Flute/Recorder, Cello and Guitar alongside us.

A concert like this can’t go ahead without the generous help of all of the choir members and their families, both in the lead up to the concert and on the night, so we thank you all for making it possible.

Congratulations to Hilary on receiving the second Wiggs award for 2013. Hilary is always dedicated to the choir but showed her true talents by taking the choir for a rehearsal when we were short a conductor – Thanks Hilary, you did a great job!

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Farewell Tianyi

The end of June marked a turning point for Cloud9 Women’s Choir with our farewell to Tianyi as our musical director. For the past year Tianyi has been a great source of inspiration, stretching both our ability and confidence as a choir. We are sad to see her go but thank her for a wonderful year and wish her well in completing her Masters at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff.

tianyifinal wtmk

Our farewell to Tianyi also coincided with the presentation of our third Wiggs Award! Janice was the deserving recipient for her hard work on many grant applications and for being the driving force behind our choir constitution. Congratulations Janice!

Janice with our honorary patron Leigh Wigglesworth

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Final Wiggs Award for 2012

Congratulations to Ann who was the recipient of the 2nd Wiggs award at the choir’s final rehearsal for 2012!

Tianyi and Ann with the perpetual Wiggs medal.


The choir was once again very happy to welcome our honorary patron Leigh Wigglesworth to present this term’s “Wiggs Award”. Ann has made a huge contribution to the choir helping us all to learn our parts! An enjoyable last rehearsal for 2012 was had by all with great food along with some lovely singing!