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Photos from our performance for the Rotary Club of Camberwell

Happily we now have some photos from our Rotary performance early last month. Many thanks to David for taking these.


And thanks again to the Rotary Club of Camberwell for inviting us to perform.


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What a wonderful Winter performance!

Congratulations to every Cloud9 member. Everyone agrees our Warm Up Your Winter concert on Saturday night was a wonderful success. We travelled around the world in song and I heard the words ‘magical’, ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’ and many other compliments from the audience. Everyone agreed we were especially amazing when singing from memory. And we handled our Zulu, Greek, Serbian and Bulgarian beautifully. A number of people commented that ‘Let it Go’ and ‘The Irish Blessing’ sung in forest formation were tear-inducing.

Thanks to our announcers, Eileen, Christine, Desley and Jen. Thanks too to our soloist Cathie, and to our pop-up accompanist Marie.

Special thanks to Gail for her duo with Annabelle. And of course, to Jenny and Sue, and all their volunteers, and to all of you for making a memorable and exotic supper.

Thank you to Clare and Grant from My Little Tribe Photography for capturing our joy of singing in photos.

Thanks also to Bagryana Popov and Mary Riccioni for their cultural assistance at rehearsals, Max Fotheringham for recording the concert, Margaret and Kevin McGregor for supervising the door and Stuart Hair for assistance with sound.

Finally, our immense gratitude to Gloria for her determination to challenge us to produce this varied programme so successfully, and also to Annabelle who provides wonderful support always! It has been a wonderful semester.

Enjoy your two weeks off!

my little tribe photography my little tribe photography my little tribe photographymy little tribe photography my little tribe photographymy little tribe photographymy little tribe photography

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Yet another benefit of singing

While researching websites for a walking trip to the National Parks in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, I came across a number of references to bear sightings both of brown bears and grizzly bears.

There’s loads of interesting information on the official park sites about bears, where to stash your food and toiletries (!), what to do if a bear is on the walking trail in front of you, what not to do if it walks towards you and even what to do if it starts to attack (fortunately very rare). You can even buy a proprietary ‘bear spray’ to deter curious bears.

But to stay safe while walking on a trail a couple of sites recommended travelling in a tight group and SINGING LOUDLY!!!! I am now preparing an appropriate repertoire: The Bear came over the Mountain, The Bare Necessities, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, We’re going on Bear Hunt, Teddy Bear……….on second thoughts perhaps not Elvis’ last line ‘I just want to be your teddy bear’.   JS, Cloud9 member

14937710225_29b9e3acca_oImage credit: Victor via Flickr

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Get ready to warm up your winter with our concert 5:30pm on Saturday 27th June

Winter concert 2015 A4 Flyer colour

Cloud9 is most looking forward to our Winter Concert coming up on June 27th. We will be performing folk songs from the UK, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, US, South Africa and Australia as well as our signature pieces Let it Go and The Irish Blessing.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Cloud9 concert without our signature delicious supper which is included in your ticket price.

We look forward to seeing you there; please invite all your friends!


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Performing for the Rotary Club of Camberwell

Last Wednesday night, Cloud9 had the pleasure of performing for the Rotary Club of Camberwell. We sang most of the songs we will be performing at our upcoming Winter concert on June 27th. It was wonderful to be ready to perform so much of our Winter repertoire with three weeks of rehearsals still up our sleeves.

Aside from the music, we tried out a new performance look – autumnal-coloured scarves rather than our blue stoles. Everyone agreed our new look is a hit!

And our singing was extremely well received too. Well done ladies.


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Cloud 9 looks forward to an exciting 2015

2014 was another Great Year for Cloud9

Cloud9 finished off its 2014 season with an end-of-year concert that moved away from our more traditional Christmas carol repertoire and introduced some new works spanning a range of styles. It was not without some Christmas reference though, with The Little Drummer Boy and five pieces from Benjamin Britten’s lovely Ceremony of Carols, including the glorious harp interlude. We were delighted to have Melina van Leeuwen, a very accomplished harpist, to accompany us for these beautiful works. Some lively gospels songs, some songs set to well-known tunes, a couple of our all-time favourites and two new additions to our repertoire, Faure’s Messe Basse and a piece by Brahms rounded out the program. It was a terrific ending to a great year.


Melina van Leeuwen on harp joins us for the Ceremony of Carols.

Looking forward to 2015

2015 is already shaping up to be one of our best ever. Under the continued and inspiring leadership of our music director, Gloria Gamboz, we have started our weekly rehearsals with typical enthusiasm. We were very pleased to welcome the newcomers that joined us this year and are always keen to accept and welcome new members. One of the things current members most value about our choir is that we rehearse in a relaxed and happy atmosphere without compromising on our journey of musical improvement and excellence. We are actively seeking new members for 2015 and if you think that Cloud9 might be for you, check out our FAQ section and send us your details in our “How to join” page and we will get back  to you as soon as we can.


Cloud9 performs our ‘Spring into Christmas’ concert.

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Songs of Love and Longing

Cloud9’s concert Songs of Love and Longing was an outstanding success.

The audience were treated to a mix of modern and classical songs from around the world on love and longing.

From “Till there was you” to ‘The Wedding Song’ there was something in the program for everyone to enjoy.


The highlight for many was the presentation in ‘forest formation’ of ‘Let it Go’ and “The Irish Blessing” to end the concert.

Choir members were thrilled with the comments after the concert which included ‘the best concert so far from Cloud9’ and ‘the clarity and sound from the choir was excellent’.

We look forward to seeing you at our next concert on Saturday the 29th of November!