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Let it Go at St. Vincent’s


On December 19th some Cloud9 choristers lent their voices to bring “Let It Go!” to patients and staff at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. We were part of a pop-up choir of some 50 choral voices and some staff from St Vincent’s and pulled together by Ben Leske, himself a survivor of brain cancer thanks to St V’s.

What made our afternoon even more special was the presence of both Michael Leunig whose poem and artwork in turn inspired Suzann Frisk to put it to music.

Many of you will know that Cloud9 closes its concerts with “Let It Go!” which we’ve done since Ben Leske taught us the song some four years ago.

The poem and music gave Ben a way of coping with all that faced him. It has a similar effect on many others when they hear it.

“Let it go, let it out, let it all unravel. 
Let it free and it can be 
A path on which to travel”.

Michael Leunig (3rd from left), Suzann Frisk (second from right) and Ben Leske, (the tall one) with Cloud9 singers Marie, Janice, Dale and Denise.


2 thoughts on “Let it Go at St. Vincent’s

  1. Hi, My name is Julia and I am from England and I have an odd question to ask you. Do you know how old Suzann Frisk is? I know I said it was odd! Anyway I am trying to track her down on account of her “let it go Song” and and wonder if you have a contact for her! Please, if you could let me know, I would be so grateful.. and perhaps pass my details to her. With many Thanks x Julia

    • Hi Julia, Thanks for your comment and apologies for the VERY slow reply. Unfortunately we don’t have any contact details for Suzann and don’t know the answer to your question – sorry! I’ve just done some googling but didn’t manage to find out anything – I’m sure you’ve already done that and that’s how you found us. Good luck and hope you’ve managed to find out in the meantime. Best wishes, Jen

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