Cloud9 Women's Choir

Coming together to share the joy of singing

Cloud9 at the Voices of Women Choral Festival

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It was such a thrill for Cloud9 to sing with more than 200 choral voices in the finale to the 10th Voices of Women choral festival on Saturday 23rd September. Together we premiered “Riversong” a piece commissioned for the festival and composed by Australian Keren Terpstra. 

We followed it up with “Wherever You Are” by Paul Mealor who was inspired by poems, letters and prayers written by military wives and first performed by The Military Wives Choir in 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall.

For our own Cloud9 performance, we showcased our Baroque to Broadway theme. We began with Vivaldi’s Gloria and Purcell’s Sound the Trumpet, followed by well-known Broadway hits, I’ve got you under my skin and 42nd Street.  Great fun! 

We also really appreciated hearing wonderful performances by Melbourne Women’s Choir, Women of Note, The Casey Choir, The Australian Girls’ Choir, Majellan Singers and Grace Notes Singers.

Many thanks to Gloria and Annabelle for preparing the Choir for the Festival.

Our thanks also to the indefatigable Faye Dumont for organising this 10th choral festival. 


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