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Welcome to Term 3

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What a great start to the term. It was nearly a full house with almost every member of the choir there buzzing with the excited anticipation of a new term, a change of routine and learning some new music.

In Gloria’s absence on leave, Ben Leske took our first rehearsal for the term. The choir responded to all that Ben (gently) threw at us. With a belief that learning without music is a powerful leveler within a choir, we started with “A Million Nightingales”, a round in two parts. Glorious music that swoops and weaves around itself, a bit like birds fluttering in flight.

Ben also started us on two new works we will perform at the Voices of Women Choral Festival to be held at MLC on 23 September. Whilst Cloud 9 will have the opportunity to sing its own chosen repertoire, these two works will be sung en masse by the 7 participating choirs.   One work has been specially commissioned for the event from Melbourne based composer, Karen Terpstra. Both are very beautiful works written specifically for women’s voices. It should be a great experience for the choirs singing them and for the listening audience!

Ben is not new to Cloud9. He had previously taken a Cloud 9 rehearsal for us 4 years ago and introduced Cloud 9 to the beautiful “Let it Go”, which has become one of our signature pieces. He also wrote a “Cloud 9 Song” which talks about singing in beautiful harmony, something which makes being a member of Cloud 9 such a special experience. We finished singing in the round with the traditional Georgian healing song “Batonebo”, another new work for the evening and, of course, “Let it Go”.

Many thanks to Ben and welcome back Gloria for the rest of the term!

JS (Choir Member)




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