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Thoughts on our mid-year concert

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I am so looking forward to our mid-year concert. We sampled a range of works in the first term and now, in the second term, we are working through those selected by Gloria, our MD, for the performance we are giving on Saturday 25 June. It will be a lovely mix with a theme of travel and adventure, mixed with a bit of G&S. But as this year is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we wanted to acknowledge that by including some of his songs and words set to music.

Much of the repertoire for the concert is new to Cloud9 and it’s a fascinating process taking on new works. As we start to learn our respective parts Gloria is guiding us towards further developing our “musical intelligence” so that we quickly move beyond getting the notes, rhythm and dynamics correct. We are looking at the story of the piece to get a deeper understanding of what the work is about. I believe that our interpretation of the works is improving in leaps and bounds and we learning them much more quickly. For me that signals a step up in the growth and maturity of the choir which is both exciting, challenging and very satisfying. Roll on Saturday 25 June!

JS, Choir member

2688212829_c4e57a62a7_zShakespeare via Flickr


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