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This year’s rehearsal and concert dates

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Rehearsal dates

We have now finalised our rehearsal dates for this year. The dates are;
Term 1 Thursday 28 January to Thursday 17 March inclusive
Term 2  Thursday 7 April to Thursday 23 June
Term 3 Thursday 14 July to Thursday 15 September
Term 4 Thursday 6 October to Thursday 8 December

You may note that the first term is necessarily short this year and so we have been able to add in a rehearsal on 7 April.  We are aware that this is still school holidays, and not all of you may be able to make that date.

Concert Dates

We have also booked the Church for our two scheduled concerts this year. The dates are:

Mid Year           Saturday 25 June 2016
End of Year      Saturday 3 December 2016


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