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While researching websites for a walking trip to the National Parks in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, I came across a number of references to bear sightings both of brown bears and grizzly bears.

There’s loads of interesting information on the official park sites about bears, where to stash your food and toiletries (!), what to do if a bear is on the walking trail in front of you, what not to do if it walks towards you and even what to do if it starts to attack (fortunately very rare). You can even buy a proprietary ‘bear spray’ to deter curious bears.

But to stay safe while walking on a trail a couple of sites recommended travelling in a tight group and SINGING LOUDLY!!!! I am now preparing an appropriate repertoire: The Bear came over the Mountain, The Bare Necessities, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, We’re going on Bear Hunt, Teddy Bear……….on second thoughts perhaps not Elvis’ last line ‘I just want to be your teddy bear’.   JS, Cloud9 member

14937710225_29b9e3acca_oImage credit: Victor via Flickr


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