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What a Concert!

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We would like to offer a big thank you to everyone who came to our second concert last Friday night. We were thrilled to sing and perform in front of such an encouraging audience. The choir can hardly believe how far we have progressed under the watchful eye of our brilliant conductor Tianyi Lu.  A lovely evening was had by all, with beautiful singing accompanied by lovely readings given by Karen, Dale, Marie, Jenny and Desley.
Concet June 2013wtmk

Thanks again to our wonderful piano accompanist Emily Chow and to violinists Arun Patterson and Nathan Juriansz who played the wonderful accompaniment to Edward Elgar’s Fly, Singing Bird Fly.

A concert like this can’t go ahead without the generous help of all of the choir members and their families, both in the lead up to the concert and on the night, so we thank you all for making it possible. We look forward to many more successful concerts in the future!


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