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Farewell Gloria!

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Our last rehearsal of Term 2 was a fond farewell to our beloved Music Director Gloria. We farewelled her in style: she arrived to Van Morrison’s Gloria and a choir-made avenue of honour to walk under. We followed this with a Scottish-themed evening of songs, food, quizzes and gifts.

There will be a keenly-felt gap in our ranks, now that Gloria has departed for Scotland. We are sad – there is no denying that. But without change life would be dull and no one wants that!

We meet every Thursday to rehearse, but really it is an exchange of musical energy, a positive filling up of the spiritual battery, of mutual enjoyment and challenge to do better: to reach a goal scored by the whole team. And when we get it right, there is a physical vibration or resonance that holds a piece of music magically for a few moments and then is gone.  It is ethereal – it can’t really be recorded as we feel it, but like a drug we want to experience that again and so we come back every week.

Gloria, we have loved your calm guidance over the past 5 years, your patience and your good humour as Cloud9 has been gently steered and sometimes cattle prodded to new heights. Thank you, you will be greatly missed and we wish you all the very best for your time in Scotland.

If you would like to join our choir and share the good vibrations you are most welcome. First rehearsal for Term 3 is on 19thJuly.

Farewell Gloria! Cloud9 will miss you.


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