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Our 2016 Christmas Collection Performance

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One of my favourite things about being a member of Cloud9 is our incredibly diverse repertoire, and our 2016 Christmas Collection Concert was a superb example of this diversity! Under the expert guidance of our beloved Music Director, Gloria, we are becoming more and more versatile as singers, and having ever more fun performing.


Looking the part with our gold and red highlights!

In our first set, we sang traditional Australian and southern African pieces, including the stunning lullaby Inanay, made famous by Tiddas. Next we sang two crowd favourites: Weep you no more and Glory to thee, my God, this night. After Laudate, with its beautiful melodies (and highly-repetitive lyrics), we were very lucky to be joined by Rowan Thomas and Ian Goding performing Haydn’s Duet for violin and cello in D major. Thank you Rowan and Ian.

Our next set comprised wonderful showtunes: we all enjoyed stepping into character for these and getting sassy! Finally, our soprano Jacqui sang a glorious solo opening to Ave Maria which we followed with two lovely nods to the Season: Angels’ Carol and I saw three ships.


Our audience was large and generous in their responses to our performance. We are very grateful to be so warmly supported by our family and friends and love hearing each time that this was ‘definitely our best concert yet!’

We look forward to coming together again on Thursday 2nd February to begin another year of beautiful singing.

– JM, Cloud9 member


Enormous thanks, as always to our wonderful Music Director Gloria, and fabulous Accompanist, Annabelle.

img_735320161203_194623Our incredibly versatile soprano Jacqui: wowing us with her solo one minute, vacuuming the next!


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