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Do I have to audition?

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Crisis, Stress, Panic! Those are the reactions from most people to the word “audition” which is not what we want from prospective choir members!

We are a choir that is based around a synergistic group of women who sing for fun and enjoyment. So, why the audition I hear you say? Simply put, so we can balance our choir for tone and pitch.

All of us love to sing and while we don’t have the best voices, we do want to sing music that is more or less in tune!

Our preference is that you are able to read music as it makes learning the songs much easier, but there are many ways that we can help you learn your part. There is no need to prepare your own piece of music, you just need to  be able to sing a few scales along with the piano.

So, why not give it a go, get in contact with us via the how to join page, we hope to be singing with you soon!


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