Cloud9 Women's Choir

Coming together to share the joy of singing

Where are all the men?

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With a name like “Cloud9 Women’s Choir” it’s not surprising that there are no men featured within our pages! In starting this choir we made the conscious decision to limit membership to women, as we believe that a choir comprised of sopranos and altos highlights the beauty of women’s voices. A large SATB choir makes a beautiful full sound, but there is something unique about the tone produced by a smaller group of women singing in harmony.

There is such a sense of community, support and friendship that comes from singing in a group of women. Cloud9 is not just about providing a musical outlet for its members, but also a strong network and space through which to support one another through highs and lows. We aim to bring women together in a friendly and open environment to share their love of music and develop their choral skills.

That being said, there are a huge number of men (and women!) who play an important role supporting us behind the scenes. Whether picking up the slack so we have time to attend rehearsals, solving computer problems or attending concerts where they listen to music that might not always be something they would listen to, but that they enjoy none the less!

Think you might be interested in joining our community of singers?

Check out our How to Join Page for details.


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